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im sorry that people are so jealous of me [entries|friends|calendar]
punk pop dj of the lowerr east side

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[20 Jul 2009|09:43am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Dear eljay, my twitter is the new you.you're my high school and college. love,yvonne.

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yay me [04 May 2009|10:12pm]
so im finally done with college. graduation is this saturday.
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cause i already know how this things goes [03 Feb 2009|09:35am]
"ive decided we weren't gonna talk so why we up till 3am on the phone"- kw

falling back into old patterns....
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[01 Feb 2009|05:54pm]
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[29 Jan 2009|11:08pm]
gaymee in milwaukee!!! yay.
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[29 Jan 2009|09:07pm]
shit fuck damn. i fell back into the pattern and i wanna punch folk in the face
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[22 Jan 2009|09:48pm]
oh shit.
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"beautiful boys." vomit. and cutty butter [22 Jan 2009|12:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

i had missed hanging out with boys.brett's a cool guy. sweet even, that's hard to see. haha. i remember when we used to be so intimidated by him. jamison's the same as always. all three of us have been helping each other out with thesis and it's going good. today we went to the Spanish immersion school. they seemed to really like it there; i think they liked it more than me. i finally feel like im at good spot with my thesis. im working with grade k!!! i love it!

maybe i should make more public entries. nah, haha i remember when fernando used to read my lj. i guess it's best to make most of my lj friend's only. i know he would hate me if he read what i wrote about him- no not fernando.

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[18 Jan 2009|12:37am]
i changed my mind, you're fun.
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[16 Jan 2009|02:21am]
youre an asshole and i knew it
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[15 Jan 2009|01:19pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

yesterday in my vampire class, i know right- that's art school, i learned that i am a vampire. as a catholic, i drink the blood of christ, and when i do, i seek eternal life. and that's that. we have a snow day, well more like it's -30 no school day. ive been lazy. i started an art blog, look me up. im gonna go sit in bed and read dracula, clean, draw, sort my portfolio, and think about redoing my lame website.

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[13 Jan 2009|02:29am]
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after reading old entries [13 Jan 2009|02:25am]
[ mood | amused ]

dear lj,
i give people more attention and time than they deserve.

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[12 Nov 2008|04:44pm]
ugh cunt.
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ugh nigs [11 Oct 2008|10:03pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I forgot that when u say 10 at tejas it really means 1130.haha ugh.

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[15 Sep 2008|11:18pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

my family, rose, and house in tejas are good. they are safe and have everything they need EXCEPT electricity. hope you guys our there are okay.

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[15 Sep 2008|11:05pm]
[ mood | full ]

this is the content of my third sacred texts book. Each person gets a page.

Hua Moua
One night at the bar, I told Jonathan, “She’s my fake Rose.” What I meant to say was, “She’s like my best friend Rose Tello, but the Milwaukee version.” Months later gave me a bottle of Tequila Rose. Selenas and are are sometimes late to class because we are too busy having lunch; we love food.

Amanda Heise
What team? Wild Cats! Chu Chi and I love High School Musical and the Disney Channel. We were the only ones at HSM on ICE without kids. We sang to every song. Afterwards we went to Major Goolsby where one of the skaters was having a burger. We couldn’t figure out if it was Sharpay or Gabriella.

Nicole Lahy
Nicole Lahy (always say in a French accent) always corrects me when I’m wrong, it’s okay we still have fun. Like the several occasions where we spend way too much time online looking for photos of Gael Bernal Garcia, Mr. Darcy, and Christian Bale. She made me print out a photo and autograph it for her. One time she tried to grill tofu, it just got stuck to the grill.

Wendy Young
Hey girl, hey. Shay Shay is like my little sister here. We sit around gossiping about the boys who cause us trouble and watch musicals that star Zac Efron. Shay Shay hurt herself dancing to Bet On It.

Christina Vang
At a Holiday Cocktail Miss Bang Bang refused to do a round of shots with the girls until she found her lace gloves. She’s a classy one and a great fashionista. Also, she makes me read the board because she lost her glasses.

James Doppelt
When Lilo and I were bored at the dorms, we dressed up and set up myspace photo shoots of ourselves. We actually had themes. Oh, and we blasted Kelly Clarkson. Once we cried on our way to a haunted house because a boy in the car called us bitches.

Jamison Burish
Chow Chow and I were quite the silly pair. He used to try to make me fart because he thought it was funny. I used to make him flat iron my hair. He never read any of the books for class because I was his cliff notes. Our favorite past times included taking naps and talking retail. We aren’t friends anymore though.

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[08 Sep 2008|08:41pm]
my bday will be fun
dinner at swig
bottle service at buckhead

ps..james i just downloaded that foundations song, it's perfect! hahaha. love it.
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i wish we were like lucas and haley [08 Sep 2008|08:30pm]
[ mood | i just cried again ]

vote republican; we are filthy richCollapse )

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oh girl you know [01 Sep 2008|09:36pm]
Go to UrbanDictionary. com and search your answer to each question. Then write the first definition it gives you.

1) Your name? YVONNE

you are amazing,rad, scene,
Brittany came up to Fred and told him how Yvonne she was
fabulous cool wicked primo dope

2) Your age? 21
The magical age where it is legally ok to get incredibly drunk. At this time, a young adult spends most of his free time consuming vast amounts of alcohol in a variety of forms, saying that they're "making up for lost years."

3) One of your friends? AMANDA

Amanda does NOT mean "A man DUH" it is a name which means
"Love" in the definations of name books.
Hi my name is Amanda yourself?

A women named Amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. They are known to be very loveable. Amandas are envied by other women.
1. Damnnn, Amanda's lookin' fine today, as usual.
2. I wish I was Amanda, shes so pretty and nice!

4) What should you be doing? READING

rich white town in mass dominated by:
-soccer mom's stopping in the middle of traffic to give you information about your own family
-cops who have nothing better to do than find the best places to hide with their radar guns
-the boy's hockey team and football team
-teenagers who buy shitty overpriced pot using their parents money
-golden retrievers
Go Reading Rockets! Oh wow you live in Reading! You must be rich.

5) Favorite food? hamburgers

A very tasty food which consists of beef, hamburger buns, and a wide variety of toppings incuding, but not limited to: Mustard, Ketchup, Pickles, BBQ, Bacon, Lettuce, Onion. The best hamburgers can be found at bars or are homeade.

You can find fake, nasty hamburgers at many fast food places.
Burger King...more like King of fake burgers! Bob's Bar in the small town of Smallville has the states best hamburgers!

6) Hometown? HOUSTON
First word heard from the moon. The nation's fourth largest city and home to the Texas Medical Center (the world's largest) and NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Few cities in the world can match H-Town as a source for blues and rap talent. Home of ZZ Top and Beyoncé.

One of the best places to live, work, play, eat, play music, hear music, do art, see art, get sick, get well, work out, hang out, and make a decent living doing whatever your heart says you were put on earth to do.
The U.S. economy can be up or down but there's always money to be made in Houston.

7)Your job? sales associate
sales associate isn't defined yet.

9) Last person you talked to on the phone? YVETTE
A woman who likes to dress up in french maid outfits in an attempt to spice up bedroom sex, but does not look hot in it.
She did an Yvette for her husband last night, and it backfired as expected.

10)Your last name? LOPEZ
Term used to call someone a sexy mexican:also can be the sexiest kid ever alive
Woman 1: dude you know that kid jim
Woman 2: Yeah he is such a Lopez
Woman 1: I know i'd let him play with my poontang any day
Woman 2: God, that Lopez, i would fuck him anyday.
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